Origami Plane

Learn how to make an origami paper airplane.

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Origami Plane

Learn how to make an origami paper airplane.

Designed by an origami expert, this paper plane flies fast, stays up a long time and can do tricks.

Folding Difficulty Expert difficulty Number of Folds 9 folds Paper Sizes Letter & A4 Paper Requires Scissors Requires scissors Hashtags Time aloft Hashtags Acrobatic Time Aloft 2.4 sec
Explaination of Time Aloft Average Time Aloft
Thrown by a 10yr old
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Paper Airplane Airplane Folding Instructions

Step 1

1. Fold one corner diagonally.

Step 2

2. Cut off the extra piece at the bottom and open up the paper. You should have a perfect square.

Step 3

3. Rotate the sheet so that one corner is facing up and then fold in the outer corners to the center line.

Step 4

4. Fold down the top point so that it touches the horizontal line.

Step 5

5. Fold the top two corners to the center line.

Step 6

6. Unfold the previous step and then accordion fold the sides in to form a diamond shape.

Step 7

7. Fold the bottom half of the diamond up.

Step 8

8. Fold in the sides of the top piece to the center.

Step 9

9. Fold the paper plane in half towards you.

Step 10

10. Finally, fold out both wings to complete the plane.

Final Paper Airplane Design Origami Plane

This paper airplane can fly really far, just not always in a straight line. Small adjustments to the wings can get it to fly in loops or circles.

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