Eagle Eye

This paper airplane was designed to resemble an eagle in flight.

Eagle Eye Thumbnail

Eagle Eye

This paper airplane was designed to resemble an eagle in flight.

With some careful adjustments this can fly, but it is more of a decorative origami model.

Folding Difficulty Medium difficulty Number of Folds 10 folds Paper Sizes Letter & A4 Paper Requires Scissors Requires scissors Hashtags Decorative
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Paper Airplane Airplane Folding Instructions

Step 1

1. Fold one corner diagonally.

Step 2

2. Cut off the extra piece at the bottom, making a square piece of paper folded once to make a triangle.

Step 3

3. Fold the corner of the triangle over so about 1/3 of it is overlapping the paper behind and 2/3 is sticking out.

Step 4

4. Take one layer and fold it in the opposite direction as shown.

Step 5

5. Fold the paper in half.

Step 6

6. Fold up one wing from the nose of the plane to the center of the tail.

Step 7

7. Repeat step six with the other wing.

Step 8

8. Use an accordion fold to tuck the tail of the plane inside as shown. Experiment with the angle to find what works best for you.

Step 9

9. Fold out one wing and then repeat with the other.

Step 10

10. Optionally, you can accordion fold the nose to make it look like a beak or cut slits on the back of each wing to make feathers.

Final Paper Airplane Design Eagle Eye

To get this to fly you will need to add significant weight to the front of the airplane. A large paperclip works well. Then widen the body for the full eagle effect and carefully bend the wing feathers up or down to get it to fly level. This is not the best performing paper airplane, but it looks cool.

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