Fast Swallow

The distinctive tail shape gives this paper airplane a unique look.

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Fast Swallow

The distinctive tail shape gives this paper airplane a unique look.

The tail and wide wings allows this paper airplane to soar in the wind.

Folding Difficulty Hard difficulty Number of Folds 14 folds Paper Sizes Letter & A4 Paper Requires Scissors Requires scissors Hashtags Distance Hashtags Time aloft Distance Flown 23.8 ft / 7.2 m
Explaination of Distance Flown Average Distance
Thrown by a 10yr old
Time Aloft 1.8 sec
Explaination of Time Aloft Average Time Aloft
Thrown by a 10yr old
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Paper Airplane Airplane Folding Instructions

Step 1

1. Fold the sheet of paper in half vertically and horizontally.

Step 2

2. Next, fold the top edge down to meet the center crease.

Step 3

3. Again, take the top edge and fold to the center.

Step 4

4. Repeat the previous step once again.

Step 5

5. Measure one inch (2.5cm) to the left and right of the center line and draw vertical lines.

Step 6

6. Now, measure 3 inches (7.6cm) from the bottom on both sides and draw a horizontal line.

Step 7

7. Measure 1.5 inches (3.8cm) in from the horizontal line and draw vertical lines down to the bottom.

Step 8

8. Next, connect the two points as shown in the image.

Step 9

9. Cut out the shapes to leave only these two pointy pieces for the tail.

Step 10

10. Fold the plane in half towards you and cut along the dotted line, about 1/2 inch (1.3cm) down from the corner.

Step 11

11. Now, fold the wings out along the lines as shown and flip the thin tail stabilizer up.

Step 12

12. Finally, glue or tape the nose of the plane and both ends of the wings.

Final Paper Airplane Design Fast Swallow

To steer this paper airplane, slightly bend the tail feathers up or down.

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