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Sonic Jet

Another great plane for distance that looks cool too.

Hard Difficulty 10 folds distance, duration

Paper Airplane Folding Instructions

Step 1

1. Fold the plane in half vertically.

Step 2

2. Open it back up and then fold in half horizontally.

Step 3

3. Open the sheet all the way and fold the top two corners to the center.

Step 4

4. Again, both top edges to the center.

Step 5

5. Flip the plane around and fold the top peak to the bottom edge.

Step 6

6. Flip it around again and fold both corners to the center.

Step 7

7. Again, flip it around and fold the peak back up.

Step 8

8. Flip it around one last time and fold the center flaps out as shown.

Step 9

9. Next, fold the plane in half towards you.

Step 10

10. Finally, fold both wings out.

Sonic Jet Final Paper Airplane Design
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