Loop Plane

This paper airplane can fly a big loop-the-loop in the air and keep flying.

Loop Plane Thumbnail

Loop Plane

This paper airplane can fly a big loop-the-loop in the air and keep flying.

This is a decent glider that we have turned into an acrobatic vertical loop flying paper plane.

Folding Difficulty Easy difficulty Number of Folds 14 folds Hashtags acrobatic, decorative
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Paper Airplane Airplane Folding Instructions

Step 1

1. Place the sheet horizontally and fold it in half from left to right. Open the sheet back up.

Step 2

2. Fold down the top left corner to the center, so that the crease lines up with the corner.

Step 3

3. Repeat the previous step with the right side.

Step 4

4. Next, fold down the top edge about half an inch.

Step 5

5. Fold down the top edge three more times.

Step 6

6. Now, fold the plane in half towards you.

Step 7

7. Fold out one wing so the crease is parallel to the belly of the plane, which should be about 1 inch tall.

Step 8

8. Repeat with the other wing.

Step 9

9. Next, fold out both wing flaps.

Step 10

10. Finally, cut two slits on the end of each wing, a little over 2 inches apart.

Final Paper Airplane Design Loop Plane

Use a bit of tape or a staple to keep the body from opening up. Then use the flaps that you cut to adjust the flight of your paper airplane to get it to fly a loop. If it doesn't loop, bend the flaps up. If the loop is too tight, bend the flaps down.

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