Royal Wing

A flying airfoil with almost no fuselage.

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Royal Wing

A flying airfoil with almost no fuselage.

This is an advanced glider that floats slowly away from you if adjusted correctly. Read the notes at the bottom for tips.

Folding Difficulty Hard difficulty Number of Folds 10 folds Paper Sizes Letter & A4 Paper Requires Scissors Requires scissors Hashtags Acrobatic
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Paper Airplane Airplane Folding Instructions

Step 1

1. Holding the paper sidesways, fold the paper in half and unfold.

Step 2

2. Fold down the top right corner down to the end of the crease you just made.

Step 3

3. Open the last fold and repeat with the other side to get the creases shown.

Step 4

4. Next, accordion fold the two corners in and the center out to get this diamond shape.

Step 5

5. Fold the front two flaps up.

Step 6

6. Continue folding the two flaps behind the top edge.

Step 7

7. Fold the entire top half of the paper plane away from you. The point can touch the other edge but for better performance have it a bit shy of the edge.

Step 8

8. Fold the paper airplane in half.

Step 9

9. Fold out both sides to create the wings. The body should be a 1.5cm tall.

Step 10

10. Bend the ends of the wings up and then cut two small slits at the tail of each wing as shown.

Final Paper Airplane Design Royal Wing

This design has wide wings and a short body which makes it unsuitable for fast speeds. Throw it very gently. If the airplane tends to flip over, you may have made it too short. Unfold it and repeat step 7 above with less of the tip folded back. This will make the body longer and a bit more stable. Use the ailerons to steer the paper airplane and make sure the wings have a dihedral angle.

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