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Read our reviews for the best paper airplane books and kits. Discover tools to help you make the best paper airplanes.

Paper airplane books

This website has nearly 50 great paper airplane designs, but there are also lots of great books that you can purchase for yourself or as a gift. We offer printable paper airplane templates to make it super easy to make advanced paper airplanes, but there are also many wonderful kits that you can purchase and use to make fun paper airplanes. At the bottom of this page you will find a list of our favorite tools that can make it easier to construct the best paper airplanes.


Best Ever Paper Airplanes

This book contains a few pages describing how paper airplanes fly and how to adjust your designs for optimal performance. It then dives straight into the instructions for folding 18 different paper airplanes, all with step by step folding instructions and decorating suggestions. Some of the designs in this book are quite advanced, and look like real airplanes. Some require scissors, tape and very careful measuring with a ruler.

Paper Flight

A classic paper airplane book that gives instructions for making 48 different paper airplanes, birds and insects. The focus on this book is the aesthetics of paper airplanes, and not so much about flight performance. In fact, some of the designs in this book won't fly at all, but they look really cool! Some of the models are quite difficult and will require scissors, tape and patience, but it's well worth the effort.

Planes, Jets & Helicopters

Grab a copy of this book to learn how to make 20 different paper airplanes and 4 different helicopter designs. Step by step instructions with black and white illustrations guide you through each pattern. Each design comes with flying instructions and adjustments you can make to maximize performance.

The Best Advanced Paper Aircraft - Book 1

This best seller has sold over 200,000 copies and contains 13 classic paper airplane designs. The black and white instructions are easy to follow and most of the designs are beginner to intermediate in difficulty. Part of a 3 volume set, this book focuses on long distance gliders.

The Best Advanced Paper Aircraft - Book 2

The sequel to a best seller, this book features 12 more paper airplane designs in a variety of styles. This book features gliding airplanes and unusual looking designs.

The Best Advanced Paper Aircraft - Book 3

The third volume in a series, this book features 11 additional patterns, including the instructions for building a paper paper-airplane hangar to store your models!

The Ultimate Guide to Paper Airplanes

Full color, step by step instructions for making 35 different paper airplanes. This book is organized by difficulty so you can easily find a design that fits your ability.

The World's Greatest Paper Airplane and Toy Book

This classic book contains 30 flightworthy paper airplane designs in a variety of styles, 10 novelty airplane plans that will look cool on your bookshelf, and 9 additional origami patterns for fun toys and animals. The step by step instructions come will illustrations that make it easy to construct each design.


Kids' Paper Airplane Book

This book, written by a former Guinness Book of World Records holder, contains instructions and pre-printed colorful paper for making 16 different paper airplanes. A full color poster is included, along with lots of information about aerodynamics, tips for folding, and activities to play with your creations.

Make 24 Paper Planes

This kit contains 24 colorful printed pages with instructions to make some eye-catching paper airplanes. Includes elastic bands, clips for support/weight, and a launcher that can shoot paper airplanes at 15mph!

Paper Airplane Kit

This boxed kit includes 100 colorful sheets with instructions for making 19 different paper airplane designs. It also includes a cardboard launcher, rubber bands and stickers.

POWERUP 2.0 Paper Airplane Conversion Kit

Easily beat the world record for the longest paper airplane flight time by fitting your paper airplane with a high-quality electric engine. The motor is designed to provide over 30 seconds of flying time. Just attach it to your favorite paper airplane and watch it go.

POWERUP 4.0 Smartphone RC Controlled Paper Airplane Kit

Grab a sheet of paper, fold it into your favorite paper airplane, attach the included RC controlled propellors and watch it go. Use your smartphone to steer your paper plane through the air for up to 10 minutes at a time. It can reach speeds of 20mph and has a range of 230ft. You can even do tricks like loops and rolls.


Arteza Bone Folders

A set of four bone folders in a variety of shapes. These will help you make crisp folds that will help your paper airplanes achieve maximum performance. The smooth surface glides over the paper and won't scratch the surface. Works better than your fingernails!

Metal Ruler

Some paper airplane designs will require you to make a few measurements when making folds. For that you'll need a high quality ruler. We recommend metal rulers because they are more durable and accurate than plastic or wooden rulers. Metal rulers are also thin, which makes them more versatile. You can place a ruler inside a fold to help you make a straight crease.

Paper Clips

Paper clips are a simple way to add weight and adjust the center of mass on your paper airplane, which can improve performance. This assortment of paper clips comes with three different sizes so you can pick the one that best fits your paper airplane.


Scissors are an essential item for making paper airplanes. Many designs require them, and even simple designs can be beautified by cutting fancy shapes into the wings. Any scissors will work, but this link will take you to a cheap set of high quality scissors that will work great.

Tape Dispenser

Tape is a vital ingredient for making the best paper airplanes. Use it to keep the wings together, to stiffen the tip, to add a small amount of weight or to improve aerodynamics by smoothing out joints. A nice heavy tape dispenser is convenient because you can use it one-handed.

Handheld Anemometer

Use an anemometer to measure the wind speed when you go outside to play with paper airplanes. Paper airplanes are very light, so a strong wind will cause them to blow around and fly poorly. In our experience, any wind over 3 m/s (5.8 knots) makes it difficult to control your paper airplanes. An anemometer is a handy instrument to have, and they aren't too expensive. They're basically a pinwheel with a sensor attached that measures how fast the blades are spinning.

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