Paper Plane Puzzles

Can you solve our paper airplane themed logic and word puzzles. We have crossword puzzles, wordsearches, and other challenges for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Do you like solving puzzles? On this page you will find ten fun airplane themed puzzles to engage your mind. They come in a variety of styles and difficulty levels, so you are sure to find something enjoyable. These puzzles have been created exclusively for our paid members. Not a member yet? Get your Pilot's License today!

Paper airplanes puzzles

Crossword Puzzles

A crossword puzzle is the most well known type of word puzzle. You can find them in almost every newspaper and books of crossword puzzles are in every bookstore. Here we have created two different crossword puzzles for you to enjoy. The first one is an easy puzzle designed for kids. The second one is more difficult and might give you a bit of a challenge. Click the image to download and print the puzzle.

Logic Grid Puzzle

A logic grid puzzle is a type of puzzle where you are given a series of clues that you must use to determine the relationship between each piece of the puzzle. In this challenge, five kids have each folded a different paper airplane and are in a contest to see who can throw their airplane the furthest. It is your job to determine the winner of the contest by reading the clues and using logic to deduce the answer. The grid is a useful tool for keeping track of your logical deductions.

Air Traffic Controller Puzzle

You are the air traffic controller responsible for getting twelve airplanes safely from their departure city to their destination. Each airplane has a unique pair of cities that they are flying between. Can you connect each pair of cities so that the paths of the airplanes never cross?


Each of these wordsearches has 18 airplane related words hidden inside. Can you find them all? Words may go forwards, backwards, upwards, downwards, and even diagonally.

Clouds Puzzles

You are laying on your back outside, looking at the clouds and notice that all of the spaces between the clouds are connected to form one contiguous area. As you are watching, you see an airplane fly in a zig-zag pattern through the clouds without ever touching a cloud. Using the clues in this puzzle, can you determine where the clouds are and how the airplane flew through them?

Stealth Jet Radar Puzzles

Some stealth jets are flying around doing some practice drills. You have an overhead map and an advanced radar device. Can you determine where the jets are located using the provided rules?

Paper Plane Flash Mob Puzzle

A flash mob of paper airplane enthusiasts has gathered on a field and thrown their paper airplanes in a very specific way. Can you solve this logic puzzle and determine where each paper airplane has landed? This is a quite difficult puzzle.

Answers and More Puzzles

To check your answers, you can download our answer key. Please make sure you don't peak until you have attempted to solve the puzzles on your own.

If you have solved all of these puzzles and are craving some more challenges, here are some recommendations.

Flying paper airplanes
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