Paper Airplane Bingo Game

Get Bingo first by folding paper airplanes and completing a variety of different challenges.

This is a familiar game where everyone can enjoy a variety of fun activities involving paper airplanes. It offers a mix of challenges to test your dexterity, creativity, and skill and it’s perfect for anyone looking to engage in a fun, hands-on experience with friends and family. We have prepared a downloadable kit that includes all of the materials that you will need to print and play Bingo at home.

Paper airplanes of different sizes

How To Play

To prepare, print out the paper airplane challenges, cut them out and put them into a box so they can be mixed up and drawn out at random.

Then, print out a Bingo card for each player and pass them out. Each player should get a randomized card. If everyone has the same card, then multiple players could win at the same time! The downloadable kit includes 30 randomized cards.

Paper Airplane Bingo Cards

A challenge will be randomly pulled from the box. Each challenge corresponds to a square on each person's Bingo card. For example, the challenge may be "Fold a paper airplane while blindfolded". Each player will attempt to successfully complete the challenge. If they do, they can mark that square as completed. The first player to get five in a row (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally) wins!


We have prepared the Bingo cards, challenges and instructions for you to download. If you have a Pilot's License, you can download the PDF and easily print and play this game at your next party.


There are 24 paper airplane challenges included with this game.

  1. Fly Through a Hoop
    Successfully fly a paper airplane through a hoop or ring placed at least 5 feet away.
  2. Throw and Catch
    Throw a paper airplane, run after it and then catch it again before it lands. It must travel at least 5 feet.
  3. Target Practice
    Land your paper airplane on a designated target marked on the ground at least 5 feet away.
  4. High Flying
    Throw a paper airplane so it hits the ceiling or some other tall object.
  5. Decorate Your Plane
    Decorate your paper airplane with drawings, stickers, or by coloring it.
  6. Under The Legs
    Throw a paper airplane between your legs and have it fly 10 feet.
  7. Underarm Toss
    Successfully launch your paper airplane using an underarm throw and have it fly 10 feet.
  8. Distance Challenge
    Throw a paper airplane at least 20 feet.
  9. Creative Design
    Invent a new paper airplane design that is different from traditional models. Go wild!
  10. Double Paper
    Create a paper airplane using two pieces of paper (and tape) and successfully fly it.
  11. Boomerang Flight
    Make a paper airplane that returns to you after being thrown.
  12. Loop-the-Loop
    Make your paper airplane perform a loop in the air.
  13. Spiral
    Make your paper airplane perform a corkscrew spiral as it flies through the air.
  14. Blindfolded
    Fold a paper airplane and throw it at least 5 feet, all while blindfolded.
  15. Big Airplane
    Make a paper airplane out of a big sheet of newspaper and have it fly.
  16. Tiny Airplane
    Make a paper airplane out of a small sticky note or notecard and fly it.
  17. Narrow Passage
    Fly your paper airplane through a narrow passage, like between two propped up books.
  18. Around the Corner
    Fly your paper airplane so it turns around a corner and lands out of sight.
  19. Tandem Flight
    Throw two paper airplanes at the same time and have each one go at least 5 feet.
  20. Backwards
    Without looking, throw your paper airplane backwards behind you and have it go at least 5 feet.
  21. Different Material
    Make an airplane out of something other than paper and successfully fly it.
  22. Tweet Tweet
    Use your origami skills to fold something that looks like a bird.
  23. Payload or Passenger
    Make a paper airplane that can carry a plastic figurine, a gummy bear, or some other small object.
  24. Poetry
    Make up a rhyming poem or Haiku about your paper airplane and recite it to the group.

All of these are included in the downloadable packet linked above. We also encourage you to get creative and come up with your own activities to add to the game. If you thought this game was fun, check out some additional paper airplane party games.

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