The Horizon

A great gliding paper airplane that can soar for many meters.

The Horizon Thumbnail

The Horizon

A great gliding paper airplane that can soar for many meters.

This reliable design likes to stay up in the air and fly for a long long ways.

Folding Difficulty Expert difficulty Number of Folds 11 folds Hashtags Distance Distance Flown 31.2 ft / 9.5 m
Explaination of Distance Flown Average Distance
Thrown by a 10yr old
Time Aloft 3.6 sec
Explaination of Time Aloft Average Time Aloft
Thrown by a 10yr old
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Paper Airplane Airplane Folding Instructions

Step 1

1. Fold the paper in half vertically. Unfold and then fold the top two corners to the center.

Step 2

2. Fold the top point down to the bottom edge.

Step 3

3. Fold the point back up, even with the bottom of the triangle flaps, about 3cm of overlap.

Step 4

4. Fold the top part of right side to the center and then take the bottom part of the right side and stretch it to the side and flatten it out. Repeat with the left side.

Step 5

5. Reach inside and pull out the center flaps. Then refold them in the opposite direction and fold the sides in.

Step 6

6. Take the bottom edge of each center flap and fold it backwards at a slight angle and then tuck under and press flat.

Step 7

7. Fold the outer points of the top triangle shape to the center.

Step 8

8. Fold the airplane in half towards you.

Step 9

9. Fold out both wings as shown. The body should taper back from a point to about 4cm at the tail.

Step 10

10. Fold out one of the inner flaps at the front (where the cockpit is) and then fold it over the second flap to lock it in place.

Step 11

11. Finally, fold up the outer edges of the wings.

Final Paper Airplane Design The Horizon

Put a staple in the body of the airplane near the center of mass to keep the fuselage tightly together. Throw as hard as you want at a slight upward angle and this paper airplane design will fly to the horizon.

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