Gift a Pilot's License

For a small one time fee, the recipient of your gift will get unlimited access to all of the items listed below. Your contribution will help us add more paper airplane designs in the future. Thanks for your support!

1. Paper Airplane Folding Plans

Enjoy unlimited offline access to all of our current and future paper airplane designs. Simply download the PDF, then print and fold along the indicated lines to make the perfect airplane, every time.

Sample Paper Airplane Printable Instructions Sample Paper Airplane Printable Instructions

2. Downloadable Games and Activities

Gain exclusive access to extra paper airplane games and activities that you can download and print to enjoy at home.

Paper Airplane Games and Activities Paper Airplane Games and Activities

3. Customize and Print your Pilot's License

Create your own personalized Pilot's License that you can print at home. Add your name, photo and other information to get a unique gift that you can share with your friends.

Pilot's License ID Card

4. Ad Free Browsing Experience

All advertisements will be removed, so you can browse without distractions.

Please support this small independent website and help us make more paper airplane designs.

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Delivery: After purchasing your gift, you will receive a Pilot's License ID. This is a 15 character code that can be used to unlock all of the benefits listed above. This code will be emailed to you and on the confirmation screen you will also have the opportunity to download and print a Gift Certificate that will contain the code and instructions on how to redeem it. Make sure you save this code in a safe place.

Please note that the printable instructions are optimized for US Letter sized paper, but will work with other sizes as well. You will just need to trim the paper along the dotted line before folding. If you have a problem with your payment, please contact us via email, for a quick resolution.

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