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Spin Plane

This is a very fun plane to fly.

If you throw it the right way, it will spin into the air

Hard Difficulty 10 folds acrobatic

Paper Airplane Folding Instructions

Step 1

1. Fold the paper in half about two inches before the edge.

Step 2

2. Fold the top two corners to the center line.

Step 3

3. Open up the entire sheet and accordion fold the sides in.

Step 4

4. Fold the bottom corners of the triangle to the peak.

Step 5

5. Now, fold the top sides of the diamond to the center.

Step 6

6. Unfold the diamond back to the triangle shape.

Step 7

7. Accordion fold both sides of the triangle in to get this shape.

Step 8

8. Fold down the peak 1 1/2 inches so it's tucked behind the flaps.

Step 9

9. Now, fold the upper sides to the back center line.

Step 10

10. Finally, fold the plan in half and fold out both wings.

Spin Plane Final Paper Airplane Design
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